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Wooley treasures are also coveted....

Ravelry  -  A knitting/crocheting haven of people, patterns and incredible ways to connect to others and find the perfect project for your stash!

Knitty  - A quarterly online knitting magazine which always has new patterns and ideas.  I really look forward to when this comes out!

Knitting Help  - The absolute best place to figure out your knitting questions.  They have great videos to show you how to knit almost anything and multiple methods too.

Knitting Pattern Central  - This site has thousands of patterns from all over the web and is a great resource for finding a nice knit.  It is organized into item subheadings, but just prepare to spend time scanning through patterns.

Knit Picks  -  This is a great site for awesome needles, useful gear, and great yarn at great prices!  Wow,  LACE!!

Etsy  -  This is the place to shop for handmade stuff!  Handspun, handdyed, handknit.... it is just the beginning.

Knitting Review  -  Another interesting site with lots of reviews and a forum for um for discussing all things knitting.  There is a weekly newsletter available too.


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